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  • My child is struggling to sleep (so am I!) and I’m thinking about working with a sleep consultant.  How do we get started?
    Welcome! Sleep challenges are exhausting and overwhelming but their solutions don’t have to be! First things first, let’s chat! Schedule a free Discovery Call by clicking here. We’ll get to know one another, discuss your child’s sleep situation, and talk about goals. We’ll also figure out which sleep package is best suited to you. We look forward to speaking with you!
  • I’ve decided to work with R&R for ongoing sleep coaching.  After my free Discover Call, what are the next steps?"
    - Purchase a sleep package and book your Consultation Call here - Complete your Consultation Call (video or phone call, your choice!) - Receive your fully customized sleep plan - Enjoy and benefit from unlimited coaching and support for the duration of your package
  • What is your training and background?
    I earned a Masters Degree in school psychology and Doctoral Degree in Clinical Child Psychology. I also completed the Child Sleep Consultant certification program through the Family Sleep Institute, the leading evidence-based certifying agency for pediatric sleep coaching. Prior to becoming a certified pediatric sleep consultant, I worked in a hospital (as a clinical psychologist and then the Director of Therapeutic Programming for a multi-unit inpatient setting), as a school psychologist, and in private practice. I simply love working with children and feel truly honored to join families on their journey.
  • What is sleep training exactly?
    To calm your fears and address any common misconceptions- sleep training is not just letting children cry themselves to sleep. Sleep training is a process with lots of steps and components! It starts with getting a clear understanding of what is going on and what you would like to improve. The “sleep training” is everything that happens in between to help you get from where you currently are to where you want to be. This includes creating the optimal sleep environment, developing soothing routines, following a biologically determined sleep schedule, using behavioral techniques to teach/learn sleep skills, and most importantly, being consistent!! Think of sleep as a puzzle- when all of these pieces are in the right places, you get a beautiful, complete picture of you, your child, and your family getting the restful and restorative sleep that you need and deserve!
  • Will you make my child cry?
    R&R will never “make” your child cry and neither will you! That said, tears may be an inevitable part of sleep coaching-- this is a child’s way of communicating (okay, perhaps protesting is a better word!) that they aren’t a fan of the new rules that are in place. Change can be tough for all of us! Rest assured, we will NEVER force or talk you into something that you don’t feel comfortable with. Simple as that. Your plan will be customized for YOU, meaning that the plan will be created based upon your thoughts, feelings, values, goals, and child’s temperament. You will also receive tools to help you cope ahead and be prepared to manage any tears or other strong emotions that may come along during the sleep coaching process.
  • What makes you different from other sleep consultants?
    In addition to being a certified pediatric sleep consultant, I see the big picture like a psychologist and communicate like a supportive friend. I also offer unlimited coaching throughout the entire process so you’ll never be left with unanswered questions or lingering concerns.
  • You mention “unlimited” sleep coaching and support in your sleep packages.  What does “unlimited” mean?
    I absolutely know the importance of quality sleep and sincerely want to help you accomplish your sleep goals! I will be with you every step of the way and will never place a limit on the amount of coaching or support that I provide. I encourage you to ask questions and keep an open line of communication- text, email, write comments in your sleep log, schedule a daily phone call- whatever it is going to take for you to feel clear, comfortable, and confident when implementing your sleep plan.
  • How long does it typically take you to respond to questions?
    My goal is to respond as quickly as possible, which is typically within 3 working hours. We will also help you to plan ahead for concerns and scenarios so you are prepared for anything that may arise outside of working hours-- R&R needs rest, too! =)
  • Is it possible to take a break if something comes up, like travel or sickness?
    We will discuss the optimal time to start sleep coaching during our Discovery and Consultation Calls. If a trip is planned or a big transition is on the horizon, we may decide that it is best to hold off until the timing is right. As for illness, we know that sickness can make sleep coaching more challenging. On top of that, we certainly wouldn’t want to limit the comfort and support that your child may need while under the weather. As such, sleep packages and coaching can be put on hold until your child recovers and you feel ready to resume!
  • Your packages seem to be focused on one child.  What if I have multiples or two children of different ages that need support?
    I will happily work with multiples and similarly aged children in our standard sleep package (no additional cost!). A discount will gladly be offered when working with two or more children of different ages (that require individual sleep plans).
  • Do you offer a discount for returning families?
    Yes, absolutely! We love our R&R families and will gladly offer a discount to returning families.
  • Are you willing to speak with other providers?
    Definitely! We firmly believe that great communication is key! With your written permission, we would be happy to speak with anyone that is a part of your child’s support team.
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