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Charitable Donations
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R&R Sleep
Sleep that's Restful and Restorative

for your child and family

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Dr. Melissa Mittler

Hi!  I’m Melissa, the mom of two excellent sleepers!  They weren’t always, though.  I remember the exhaustion and frustration, as well as the bliss I felt when they both (finally!) slept through the night.  It was life changing for the entire family.  

This dream can be your reality, too!  Together, we'll make bedtime battles, multiple night wakings, super early risings, and naptime struggles a thing of the past!


As a certified pediatric sleep consultant and licensed child psychologist, I know that each family is unique, so rest assured that our work will be completely customized to meet your specific goals and needs.  Through our partnership, you will gain confidence, feel empowered, and learn the tools you need to successfully address your child’s sleep situation.  This may sound overwhelming or even impossible at first, but you will have my guidance, encouragement, understanding ear, and nonjudgmental support throughout the entire process.  Together we'll make it happen!

I have helped countless families find their way to Restful and Restorative Sleep, and I would truly love to join you on your journey, too.  Let's talk!

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